Interested in speaking at our TEDxYoungCirclePark event? Please fill out the form below to be
considered by September 1, 2021. Your application will be reviewed by our curation team and you will receive a response via email in mid September.

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Upon receipt of your application, we will shortlist candidates and the finalists will be informed by email or mobile. The shortlisted candidates will then be invited in for personal interviews with the speaker curation team after which the speakers of TEDxYoungCirclePark will be announced publicly.

Please note that if your proposal is accepted as a TEDxYoungCirclePark speaker, you are expected
• Reply to emails in regard to your speech and other documentation as required within a reasonable
time period.
• Attend rehearsals of your speech.
• Attend meetings with the curating team at confirmation and closer to the date of event.

For inquiries regarding the application process, email us at