TEDx Young Circle Park – Featured Speakers

Join us on Saturday, November 9th at TEDx Young Circle Park in Hollywood at South Florida’s premier TEDx event.  The event features close to a dozen speakers giving 10-minute talks on a diverse set of topics.  Prepare to be Inspired!

  • Brian Neff, CEO of an aerospace component manufacturing company in South Florida, discusses how manufacturing as we know it is about to radically change with 3D printing and additive manufacturing.


  • Lisa Merkle, an urban farmer growing vegetables via hydroponics near downtown Miami, discusses the future of urban farming and food production – and how to meet the food needs of a growing population in a sustainable and healthy way.


  • Brijesh Mehta, a leading neurointerventional surgeon, reveals how he and his colleagues applied modern business processes and technologies to revolutionize stroke care across Florida and the country.


  • Jennifer Grace, author of the book, Directing Your Destiny, advocates for teaching meditation and mindfulness in Florida schools.


  • Todd Delmaytells the story of his fight for LGBTQ equality and the right of same sex couples to marry – and discusses what we can all learn from his experiences.


  • David Aizer, a South Florida TV personality and stage 3 cancer survivor, inspirers with a talk on embracing our personal challenges and insecurities.


  • Nathaniel Delevoe, an inspiring poet, opens hearts and minds with his outlook on the social and racial challenges of our times.


  • Mark Panciera, an undertaker turned leadership strategist for Fortune 1000 companies, reveals the secrets, based in neuroscience, for personal and professional transformation.


  • Francis Jay Caputo, a leadership coach, discusses the importance of embracing interpersonal conflict and building stronger relationships..


  • Tracy Timberlake, an award winning business consultant and digital strategist, believes our mobile devices and social media accounts can be a tool for positive change – and she teaches you how to leverage them in her TEDx Talk.


  • Carlos Zuluaga, a digital media strategist, believes social media can change the world for the better – and he’s out to prove it!  His talk centers on the story of how one person started a viral campaign to clean up community beaches, parks and other public spaces.